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Facial Services

Utilizing only professional product lines Lira Clinical & Hale and Hush along with Hydrojelly Masks, we are able to address a variety of skincare concerns and issues.

Lira Clinical Lira Clinical utilizes the highest quality and most technologically advanced ingredients to deliver superior skin care. We produce our products with exclusive formulas using topical probiotics, multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Hale and Hush Sensitive Skin formulations address the many issues sensitive skin can have such as aging, common allergies and household chemicals, plus the environment and stress. All these can leave skin dry and irritated, making it difficult for skin to regenerate and repair. Hale and Hush ingredients provide supportive correction and restoration of the stratum corneum and the skin’s barrier defense systems.

Our Services

Browse our services below

Age Defying Facial

Our Age Defying Facial  addresses all signs of aging, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall skin health and hydration. Galvanic, and high frequency are just couple modalities that may be utilized during treatment. Ideal results when performed every 2-4 weeks 

Illuminating Facial

Our Illuminating Facial improves the overall appearance of the skin while targeting pigmentation issues and dullness of skin. Ultrasonic skin scrubber and high frequency are just a couple modalities that may be utilized during treatment. Ideal results when performed every 2-4 weeks

Calming Facial

Our Calming Facial reduces redness and irritation associated with Rosacea, barrier  and skin sensitivity issues due to over stimulation/exfoliation, allergies, and product reactions. Ideal results when performed every 4 weeks.

Clarifying Facial

Our Clarifying Facial targets mild breakouts while addressing congested pores. May include extractions and high frequency during treatment. Ideal results when performed every 2-4 week

* For mild to severe acne, please see our Acne Program to gain clear skin


Dermaplaning, using a specialized surgical blade, physically exfoliates dead skin cells; providing a instant improvement in skin texture and tone while removing vellus hair. This can be a stand alone treatment or added to any facial for improved results. Ideal results when performed every 4 weeks


Microdermabrasion, utilizing a diamond tip wand with a gentle suction, aids in mechanical exfoliation and increases collagen and elastin production. It treats the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars while minimizing pore size and uneven skin tone/texture. Ideal results when performed in a series of 6 treatments, 7-10 days apart

Chemical Peels

Using a blend of enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids and/or beta hydroxy acids, to resurface and treat fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne. Ideal results when performed in a 3D peel series, length of time varies.

Collagen Induction Therapy 

Also know as micro-needling, is a minimally invasive procedure for treating fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks,, skin laxity and uneven skin tone. Ideal results when performed in a series of 4-8 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

LED Light Therapy

Celluma LED light therapy is a non-invasive,  treatment that is FDA Approved to effectively treat fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.  Ideal results when performed in a series of 6-12 treatments, 1-3 times a week.


Lash and brow tinting offers a fuller, more defined look, while simplifying your morning routine. Using Intensive semi-permanent dye, a trusted industry favorite, to shape your brows and add definition to eyes. Results last 4-6 weeks


Utilizing Nufree Nudesse Finipil hair removal system, effectively removing hair without damaging the skin. Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial (hard wax available upon request)

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